Want to know more about botox, facial peels, dermal fillers or a glycolic peel in Tulsa, Oklahoma? You are in the right place. Read on for a quick look into how botox cosmetic is helping the cause of individuals like you; along with keeping them more radiant and smooth skinned with each passing day.

What is Botox?

If you are new to the field of facial peels or Botox injections, then do know that Botox, as cosmetic, is being increasingly used for the temporary smoothening of glabellar lines, which are also referred to as frown lines. These lines are located between the eyebrows and make you appear unhappy, tired or angry.  The use of Botox has been approved by FDA for  his area only, but then, it is also being used off-label for treating crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, marionette lines present near the corners of the mouth, as well as smoker’s lines along the lips. It is wrong to confuse injectable fillers with Botox cosmetic, as dermal fillers tend to plump up tissues for making facial lines and wrinkles disappear/ diminish; in other words, they act differently. Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvederm are striking examples of the same.

It is well advised to seek professional help and approach a practitioner who can help you decide  upon the reliable products for your cause. Generally speaking, Botox best impacts the upper portions of the face while fillers are useful for other areas.

Is Botox Painful?

Well, all injections hurt. However, as the needles used for the purpose of administering Botox are usually very thin in nature, the prick caused by them lead to minimal pain. During the process, the area is numbed with a cold pack/ topical anesthetic cream, usually 10-20 minutes prior to the injections being given, so that the inflicted pain (if any) becomes all the more bearable. There may be some discomfort after the effect of the anesthetic cream wears off.