Botox Treatments in Tulsa OklahomaIf you are looking for the best  ways of going forward with botox in Tulsa, facial peels or any other treatment for combating your aging skin, then you obviously need to know a little more before going in for a treatment. Here, we help you take a quick look at how Botox treatment here in Tulsa with SKIN RN impacts your skin and works its way in.

Botox Cosmetic Treatments from SKIN RN of Tulsa –So how does it Work?

Wrinkles in the skin are typically formed perpendicular to contracting muscles situated directly beneath the skin. For instance, the muscle present in the forehead is typically a vertical muscle which contracts to form a horizontal wrinkle when the eyebrows are raised. Botox, in itself, is not only dermal filler; it blocks the nerve impulses that make muscles contract and lead to forehead wrinkles.

Likewise, the muscles (two) responsible for frown lines are located slightly horizontally in between the eyebrows. When these muscles contract, they make the frown lines look vertical. The Botox products are injected into the muscles where they block the nerve impulses leading to those tissues. This causes the muscle activity associated with frown lines to reduce and imparts a smoother look to the skin. In the absence of contracting muscles beneath the skin, the process of wrinkling becomes a difficult affair.

Here, it deserves mention that that the relaxed facial lines are not good candidates for this treatment and are handled in a better manner by dermal fillers. In such cases, Botox frequently “softens” these lines, but rarely gets rid of the same.

These injections take merely10 minutes and there is no downtime afterwards. In most cases, the improvements start showcasing themselves within a few days—Botox takes 2-4 days for attaching itself to nerve endings that normally stimulate muscles to contract, and takes up to 14 days to show the optimum  results.

So, are you ready for your Botox cosmetic treatment from SKIN RN of Tulsa?  Contact your preferred skin specialist today!