Things you should know about Botox Treatment

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As you may already know, Botox cosmetic treatment in Tulsa is gaining popularity with each passing day and is being increasingly taken up by those concerned about their stretch lines and wrinkles. As per experts administering Botox in Tulsa, this method is specifically helpful for removing the vertical wrinkles present in between the eyebrows (commonly called frown or expression lines), glabellar furrows, and crow’s feet. Botox (Dysport / Vistabex ) fails to be very effective in case of wrinkles/ lines created on the skin due to loss of volume, lack in elasticity,  or wherein the skin becomes loose because of over exposure to the sun. These concerning conditions are best treated through other means. Botox Treatment in Oklahoma  The use of Botox is to be avoided in case of hyper-sensitivity to botulinum toxin, or if you happen to be suffering from muscle ailments. Additionally, if you are taking spectinomycin, aminoglycoside antibiotics, or just any other drug that may impact the nerve impulses in your muscles, you must stay away from this treatment. Pregnant women and those breastfeeding their new born should wait until they are in a more favorable position to take these injections. In general, the process of treating the symptoms of aging through Botox is fast, simple, safe, and painless in nature and requires only 10 to 20 minutes. Small amounts of Botox are injected into pre-defined areas containing fine lines and wrinkles, via a very fine needle. As just a small amount of fluid is administered into the skin and the needle is very thin, you will feel minimum or no discomfort during the entire procedure. As sedation is not a requirement, you can go back to your daily activities just after undergoing Botox treatment. Last but not the least the most important thing to remember while seeking Botox cosmetic in Tulsa is that the process should be conducted by a licensed, trained, and experienced organization such as ours here at SKIN RN of Tulsa.    Make your Appointment...

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Dermal Fillers: What’s Good, What’s bad?

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As you go through the inevitable processes of aging, it’s but natural that you start getting perturbed with the loss of plumpness and firmness of the skin; features that you once enjoyed in the days of your youth. Along with the years in your age, environment factors, stress, dietary issues and other health problems contribute to the wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and pigmentation on your face, neck and other parts of the body. But then, help is close in hand in the form of wrinkle fillers. These experts have ready remedies for these kinds of problems and introduce dermal fillers to give your skin the healthy and rejuvenated look once again. Let’s take a look at the good and bad face of face fillers. Wrinkle Fillers and Botox Cosmetic Treatment in Tulsa Made of products like purified botulinum toxin, hyluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, human collagen, porcine collagen, and so forth (in their natural / synthetic form), dermal fillers help in lifting and plumping the skin to make the same look less listless and dull. They go a long way in balancing the presence of elastane / collagen fibers in the layers of the skin and prevent the same from flaking or breaking down due lack of proper nutrition or care. The good thing is that these fillers can be placed in sensitive as well as the difficult-to-reach areas of the face like forehead, nasolabial folds, cheekbones and glabellar frowns, thereby adding more volume to the softer tissues of the face. Additionally, facial fillers do not require any incision or wounds and is introduced into the deeper layers of the skin with the help of an injection. Taking a short time and devoid of any major side effects, this procedure is being favored by all those looking for Botox cosmetic treatment, chemical peels, wrinkles fillings, and more.  Limitations of a Dermal Fill To avoid any reactions and complications, it is essential to have good health as well as a clean/ infection free skin to start with. And yes, do remember that the effects brought about by these injectable fillers are temporary in nature.    Make your Appointment...

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Wrinkle Filler Treatment for Aging Skin: Yes or No?

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If you believe that dermal fillers in Tulsa are only about younger and fresher looking skin, then you need to know a little more. Regardless of the fact that those involved with the service provision of wrinkle fillers usually deliver satisfactory results and are your best bet for getting rid of wrinkles with the help of reliable treatment, they may leave your skin with some concerning side effects. Yes, when compared to organic creams, natural remedies, and other available treatments, dermal/wrinkle fillers come with their own set of health risks and side effects that are best avoided. Take a look at how SKIN RN of Tulsa offers face filler therapy to help you keep these concerns at bay. Are Facial Fillers Risky? The act of treating wrinkles with injectable fillers is liable to be dangerous, thereby making it important for you to know what to expect in the process. While some side effects showcase themselves soon after the injections are administered, others may take more than a week, month or year to surface; and then, they may stick around permanently or temporarily. Common Side Effects of Wrinkle Fillers The common most side effects related to wrinkle filling sessions include itching, rashes, tenderness, or pain, Swelling or bruising in the affected areas are also common phenomena  that require immediate attention. While certain side effects do not showcase themselves prominently, they end up inflicting negative impacts on the well-being of your body; these include open /draining wounds, infection of the skin/ muscles, necrosis, allergic reactions, as well as raised bumps that may require surgical procedures for their removal. Yes or No? Just like all other invasive and non- invasive treatment processes, wrinkle fillers also have their own pros and cons that are well handled by experts administering the same so, if you are tired of staring at your wrinkles and wish to have youthful skin, then do go ahead with the process by all means; but with the right awareness in place.      Make your Appointment...

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Skin Rejuvenation and Better Looking Skin with Facial Peels

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Are you struggling with intense skin conditions that require medical supervision and the help of a good scar removing therapy thereafter? While simple external complaints or slight blemishes can be treated in-house with simple ingredients, chemical agents and acids are required for containing and taking care of the deeper and older marks that make your skin appear unsightly. Here, we take a quick look at how experts offering face fillers in Tulsa are moving beyond the realms of home treatments and using safe chemical agents for more rejuvenated and better looking skin. Difference between Chemical Wrinkle Fillers and Home Remedies The products used at home for exfoliating and skin peeling purposes usually contain an allowable percentage of products like glycolic acid and hence lead to lesser side effects. Apart from the general sensations of tingling and slight redness they do not leave the skin damaged or heavily peeled. But then, they are capable of acting only on the lighter scars and blemishes and do not affect the dark and deeply ingrained marks on the face, neck, shoulders or other parts of the body. In contrast, concentrated peels help in removing all this but result in intense redness/ swelling, and the skin requires several days of complete recovery too. Conditions Benefitting from Peels and Facial Fillers in Tulsa The conditions that are best benefitted from facial peels include Sun damage elimination Skin rejuvenation Wrinkle reduction Acne improvement Acne scarring, and so forth. Types of Peels Plant Acid Peel Beta Hydroxy, Glycolic, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids are the names of certain plant derivatives which are present in over-the-counter peels or in the products sold by beauty supply/cosmetic retailers. Chemical Peel Phenol, a strong chemical peel product, is often used by certified dermatologists for treating acne scarring. This product is also useful for wrinkle reduction.  TCA Peel Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), a strong acid that resembles vinegar, is used by cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists for treating acne scars, reducing wrinkles or rejuvenating the skin. Are you ready?      Make your Appointment...

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Glycolic Acid Peel Products – How are they Beneficial?

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Glycolic acid–often used by manufacturers in the textile industry, has great utility as a dyeing and tanning agent. Also used as a preservative and flavoring agent in the food industry, this chemical is added to paint and ink for improving their flow properties and/or imparting a nice gloss on the final product. Read on for how experts involved with chemical peels and facial fillers in Tulsa are using glycolic acid products for treating hyper-pigmentation and acne spots with flair. Facial Peel in Tulsa with Glycolic Acid Glycolic acid, extracted from sugarcane, was originally patented for the successful treatment of spots and acne. One of the other uses of this chemical product was related to the removal of ingrown hair in bikini areas and beards. Additionally, it is being used by various skincare companies as an active exfoliating agent and product. One of the main benefits of using this product as a vital ingredient of chemical peels is that it enables newly exfoliated skin to draw in moisture from the atmosphere, thereby making the same look rather plump and soft. In general, skin care systems, complete with a moisturizer and neutralizer, are sold to counter the corrosive effects of this acid. In case of peels, as the dead skin is burned off chemically, the other ingredients in the skin care system help in neutralizing the effects of acid and water, and dispose of the last traces of acid remaining on the skin. Risk Factor and Way Forward But then, even though glycolic acid enables women to achieve a youthful and better looking facial appearance, the same also makes the skin highly sensitive and vulnerable under the sun. However, case studies and current research findings have proved that the success rate of this acid, if used in the manner intended, is quite high. So, just go for the same and say “hello” to a better looking you.    Make your Appointment...

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Chemical Peeling and Scars Caused by Acne

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If you are looking towards taking an appointment with a specialist handling chemical peels in Oklahoma, then do know that apart from treating any blemishes and discolorations on your skin, he/ she will be able to remove the traces of acne scars on your face, if any. The method of chemical peeling has been around for many years now and is helping both the young and old get easy access to better looking skin – in affordable and convenient ways. Read on for a quick look at how experts in the field of glycolic acid peels in Oklahoma are going a long way in removing those layers of skin that are ridden with acne marks and helping the formation of fresh dermal layers on the face, neck and other parts of the body. Keloids –Acne Scars In general, it is not possible to remove Keloids with peeling as they are skin growths that are full of collagen and any attempt to remove the same may lead to deep scars. Saucer/ Ice Pick Type Scars Easily treated with the help of facial peels in Oklahoma, these scars are a common result of acne. Doctors handling these types of scars usually assess their depth and act to remove only those skin layers that are affected by the same. Once the new skin forms, the last traces of the scars disappear, leaving the facial skin blemish free and radiant. Way Forward… So, if you are tired of the tell-tale acne scars on your face and wish to look more glamorous than before, then seek a specialist experienced in delivering a successful glycolic acid peel in Oklahoma and have a preliminary assessment of your overall skin condition, the kind of treatment required, number of sessions that will be helpful for you, and the overall cost of the process. Once convinced, go ahead with the act—you will not be disappointed with the results.    Schedule your Appointment...

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