Are you struggling with intense skin conditions that require medical supervision and the help of a good scar removing therapy thereafter? While simple external complaints or slight blemishes can be treated in-house with simple ingredients, chemical agents and acids are required for containing and taking care of the deeper and older marks that make your skin appear unsightly.

Here, we take a quick look at how experts offering face fillers in Tulsa are moving beyond the realms of home treatments and using safe chemical agents for more rejuvenated and better looking skin.

Difference between Chemical Wrinkle Fillers and Home Remedies

The products used at home for exfoliating and skin peeling purposes usually contain an allowable percentage of products like glycolic acid and hence lead to lesser side effects. Apart from the general sensations of tingling and slight redness they do not leave the skin damaged or heavily peeled. But then, they are capable of acting only on the lighter scars and blemishes and do not affect the dark and deeply ingrained marks on the face, neck, shoulders or other parts of the body. In contrast, concentrated peels help in removing all this but result in intense redness/ swelling, and the skin requires several days of complete recovery too.

Conditions Benefitting from Peels and Facial Fillers in Tulsa

The conditions that are best benefitted from facial peels include

  • Sun damage elimination
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Acne improvement
  • Acne scarring, and so forth.

Types of Peels

Plant Acid Peel

Beta Hydroxy, Glycolic, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids are the names of certain plant derivatives which are present in over-the-counter peels or in the products sold by beauty supply/cosmetic retailers.

Chemical Peel

Phenol, a strong chemical peel product, is often used by certified dermatologists for treating acne scarring. This product is also useful for wrinkle reduction.

 TCA Peel

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), a strong acid that resembles vinegar, is used by cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists for treating acne scars, reducing wrinkles or rejuvenating the skin.

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