Glycolic Acid Peel Products – How are they Beneficial?

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Glycolic acid–often used by manufacturers in the textile industry, has great utility as a dyeing and tanning agent. Also used as a preservative and flavoring agent in the food industry, this chemical is added to paint and ink for improving their flow properties and/or imparting a nice gloss on the final product. Read on for how experts involved with chemical peels and facial fillers in Tulsa are using glycolic acid products for treating hyper-pigmentation and acne spots with flair. Facial Peel in Tulsa with Glycolic Acid Glycolic acid, extracted from sugarcane, was originally patented for the successful treatment of spots and acne. One of the other uses of this chemical product was related to the removal of ingrown hair in bikini areas and beards. Additionally, it is being used by various skincare companies as an active exfoliating agent and product. One of the main benefits of using this product as a vital ingredient of chemical peels is that it enables newly exfoliated skin to draw in moisture from the atmosphere, thereby making the same look rather plump and soft. In general, skin care systems, complete with a moisturizer and neutralizer, are sold to counter the corrosive effects of this acid. In case of peels, as the dead skin is burned off chemically, the other ingredients in the skin care system help in neutralizing the effects of acid and water, and dispose of the last traces of acid remaining on the skin. Risk Factor and Way Forward But then, even though glycolic acid enables women to achieve a youthful and better looking facial appearance, the same also makes the skin highly sensitive and vulnerable under the sun. However, case studies and current research findings have proved that the success rate of this acid, if used in the manner intended, is quite high. So, just go for the same and say “hello” to a better looking you.    Make your Appointment...

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Glycolic Acid Peels—What to Expect

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Are you searching for more information about glycolic acid peels in here in Tulsa? Is your imperfect skin making you look around for specialized treatment for the degenerating areas around the chest, neck and face? If the answers are in the affirmative, then you can surely look forward to the expected results of a glycolic peel to fade your marks and scars, improve the texture of your skin, and fight the severe signs of aging. Read on for a closer look at how chemical peels by experts in Tulsa are equipped to help your cause—the right way. Glycolic Acid Peel Due to their short duration treatment, these peels are oft referred to as ‘lunchtime peels.’ Glycolic acid peels always succeed in bringing about dramatic improvements to the look and feel of one’s skin and leads to astonishing and long lasting results –all in an affordable and convenient way. But then, in order to avoid any discomforts to the skin and get the best possible results, it becomes essential to know what to expect and do before/ after undergoing the treatment. Before a Glycolic Acid Peel The area that needs to be treated has to be thoroughly cleaned. Moreover,  prior  consultations with the expert  performing the treatment is a must to understand all that goes into the same, the time/ monetary investments required, and so forth. After the Treatment Dermatologists recommend certain essential steps as post-glycolic peel precautions and care; these include: Complete avoidance of exposure to direct sunlight for at least 48 hours. No usage of any chemical based cosmetics or makeup after the treatment session, at least for a couple of days. Avoidance of activities such as running, jogging and aerobics that can cause excessive sweating. Restrictions on the usage of products that contain AHA, BHA and/ or Retinol after the peel. Topical products like benzoyl peroxide for acne relief are to be avoided at all costs for 24 hours. A good natural moisturizer can be used for avoiding dryness or excessive flakiness if required. Go for the peel—you will not be disappointed!    Make your Appointment...

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